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Horticultural Services

When it comes to horticultural specialties, Going Green Horticultural boasts a wealth of skills and interests. If what you are looking for is a team who can expertly prune your shrubs, ornamentals and flowers as well as scout them for pests and diseases, we are here to provide you with this service.

The service approach varies, depending on the style of the landscape, but the outcome of each project is an achieved balance with nature without sacrificing integrity, beauty and form. While implementing an integrated management approach, we are able to observe and identify any landscape pests, plant diseases, plant deficiencies and environmental conditions which are causing detriment to your property. When necessary, the products we use are primarily OMRI-listed organic pesticides with a dedicated focus to minimize the use of synthetic chemicals in the landscape. Very often the use of “once and done” chemicals not only treats the immediate insect or disease of concern, but also may kill off beneficial insects and microorganisms in the process.

We believe in using naturally derived products wherever possible to gain control over undesirables in the landscape. In some cases, there may be acceptable levels of insect population and minimal plant damage in the landscape which will “heal” or are self-correcting when left to nature. Generally, where there are unwanted pests, in the same vicinity are predators who find those pests to be a perfect food source. Without the knee-jerk reaction to reach for a bottle of poison, we take the time to investigate and identify the situation and make the best decision for managing the conditions at hand.

Pruning and Specialty Services:
Monthly, Bimonthly and Quarterly horticultural service packages

  • Hand pruning with pruners and hand shears with limited gas-powered shearing equipment
  • Specialized ornamental pruning including flowering vines, rose vines and shrubs, perennial flower trimming and dividing
  • Small ornamental tree reduction and thinning
  • Rejuvenation and winter pruning
  • Boxwood rejuvenation and hand pruning

Serving clients in Marietta, Kennesaw, Smyrna, Vinings, John's Creek, Alpharetta, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Woodstock, Metro Atlanta, and East Cobb.