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Rain Gardens

You have probably heard the term “rain garden” used in the media and in gardening literature recently- but what is it really and why do you need one?

The goal of a rain garden is to intercept and retain water run off. The need for this is becoming more evident as housing density and impervious surfaces increase. Especially with our dense clay soils most of the water that falls during a rain just follows the same path, rain after rain, to exit your property and end up in a sewer or street drain.

With a rain garden you can capture and use your rain water, couple this with a few rain barrels and government water restrictions will not affect your landscape ever again.

Quick Facts

Bio-retention means the use of landscaping to filter water and reduce runoff.

The EPA reports that the majority of water pollutants are a result of surface runoff.

Clay Soils are heavy and difficult to work with because the particles are extremely small and can pack together tight enough to not allow any air or water movement.

Bio-retention means the use of landscaping to filter water and reduce runoff.

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