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Host Gardens

A host garden is a planting that is designed to attract and house beneficial insects. By planting specific perennials and herbs you can encourage predators, parasitoids, soil builders and pollinators. These are considered good bugs because they help control the populations of insects that are competition for garden plants.

Host Plants

Cat Nip (Nepita) is one of the most attractive plants to Lacewings – a veracious predator of Aphids – and it will draw neighborhood cats to help keep rabbits and other rodents away. As a member of the mint family it will spread rapidly, so plant it in pots to keep it confined.

Insect Shelter

Stone paths and compost piles encourage Ground Beetles that prey on cutworms, moth larvae, slugs, snails and root maggots

Garden Friends

Crab spiders do not spin webs, they usually lie in wait for prey camouflaged on daisies and other yellow and white flowers.

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