With nearly 50 years combined landscape contracting and technical horticulture experience, the Going Green team brings multiple strengths to your project. Having a foremost love of plants and beautiful surroundings, Owners Betsey and Dave Norton take personal interest in each and every project and property that GGH manages. As part of the core values of the company, the entire Going Green team works to build and to share personal relationships with Clients.

From beginning new landscaping renovations to small yard improvements and seasonal flower beds, each project and Client experience is handled similarly. Our intention is for each project to be carried out with the highest standards and quality regardless of the scope of work. The team's best work is performed when we face the day with the outlook that our work is to provide Clients with optimum service. Our core belief is that this work is from our hearts and is a reflection of our respect of the property, the Client, our employees, the environment and of our skill and aptitude. We instill the notion in our employees that each project is as important as the next.

This is where the relationship portion becomes important. We desire to be your "go-to" horticultural and landscape experts. We enjoy walking properties with our Clients discussing and envisioning future projects. We have a plethora of experience and skills and truly love sharing what we know and instilling knowledge in our Clients. In the years of providing these services, the team consistently comes back to the heart of educating and imparting knowledge.

As our business grows, we commit to maintaining excellence.

Our Team

Our team has over 20 years of experience with the most prestigious landscape design/build firms in the Georgia landscape industry. Collectively we have managed over 1 million of landscape installation.

Dave Norton

Dave Norton is a master at the landscaping trade. From his earliest days, Dave spent summers and seasons working in his grandparents field garden. Deeply rooted in gardening and the outdoors, yet having keen interest in drafting and architecture, Dave gained experience in both surveying and engineering. All the while, he found a true calling when he was working in a garden center. Quickly he grew in responsibility and became proficient with managing plant material, employee scheduling, greenhouse construction and various equipment operation. He also grew an interest and knack for customer service.

It was a natural decision to pursue an Environmental Horticulture degree. He excelled in the program and took keen interest in landscape construction. Dave is analytical and studies projects and situations which makes him an expert.

Our Mission

The desire to have a chemical free yard for families to play in, fresh home grown vegetables on the table with every meal, a wondrous world of insects to discover, and a lower maintenance, less time-consuming landscape should not be out of reach. Sustainable landscaping practices should come naturally and we should be doing these things for ourselves and our planet anyway. Going Green Horticultural offers an alternative service without sacrificing expertise, attention to detail and quality of service. The answer is apparent; get back to grassroots and teach the community of today how.

Betsey Norton

Betsey is passionate about all things outdoors. From her earliest years, Betsey was exposed to many different elements of nature. As a child, she grew up going on family camping and hiking trips, to the New Orleans Nature Center where her grandmother volunteered, and playing and planting in the family garden over the years. Early interests won her heart to and has made a career of excellence in horticulture.

Betsey’s first industry job was working at a local, independent garden center. There she got a wide range of experiences from customer service and sales to plant stocking and watering to loading vehicles and operating the forklift. Her interests and strengths in horticulture came naturally; Betsey earned her degree in Environmental Horticulture.

Leading off her career in the field, she was fortunate to earn an entry level assistant manager position at a perennial growing and gardens operation in North Fulton County. Betsey thrived on using her technical skills along with her inherent capabilities in her work. From the first day of facilities construction through designing and installing the botanical gardens, managing staff and growing relationships with amazing clients, it was an undeniable labor of love. Through years of literal blood, sweat and, sometimes, tears, Betsey worked tirelessly at honing her plant knowledge and soaked in as many gardening symposiums as possible. Her dedication and drive helped to grow the nursery and design services and earned the position of COO. During the years at Perennial Grace Nursery, Betsey began as a contributing writer for Georgia Gardening magazine. For over a decade, she has delighted readers nationwide with garden inspiration and education. Feeling inspired for personal and career growth, she transitioned in the field to a landscape design, build and maintenance firm in Atlanta. Bringing strong horticultural skills to the team, Betsey quickly became proficient in both landscape maintenance and installation. Working under and gleaning knowledge from a team of widely skilled professional landscape architects, she was able to quickly grow her horticultural expertise into the full realm of soft and hard scape design. At the same time, Betsey brought her strengths of seasonal color and perennial garden design and organic plantings into the mix. Over the next many years, she grew her network of skilled tradesmen and had opportunities to provide service to many premier properties throughout metro-Atlanta.

Upon the birth of Betsey and Dave’s first child, Lillie Mae, Betsey began feeling an undeniable tug to do things differently. At home, they had grown a large, organic vegetable garden for many, many years. She had learned planting, timing and harvesting tips from Dave’s grandfather who continues to sit by every year during planting offering advisement and taking joy in his memories of days gone by. It came to be paramount importance to see and do things differently; the need to minimize environmental impact in our industry Betsey believed that there was a need in the green industry for a leader to emerge specializing in sustainable landscape management and construction. With her interests peaked, she re-enrolled in Chattahoochee Technical College and obtained certification in Sustainable Landscaping. In this course she gained additional awareness of drainage and erosion, soil management and techniques such as green roof design and construction and rainwater capture techniques.

Look for big things out of this group! With plenty of attention to detail and dedication to doing the job right, Going Green Horticultural will continue to attract skilled, knowledgeable and capable craftsmen to the team.